This week’s ca…

This week’s card is Number 39: Utopia.

Here is the image URL- In Africa I can’t display photos.


Rank 4 light, 2500 ATK, two level fours.


Easy to summon, as many monsters are Rank 4, and rescue rabbit can bring it out easily. Negating 2 attacks is wonderful, and it has become a staple in many decks. It can also be a last-ditch attempt not to be defeated, with Number C39: Utopia Ray’s effect being very useful. In YCS Dallas when Frazier Smith was dueling Nizar Sarhan, in his last turn in overtime, used Rescue Rabbit’s effect to summon two vanilla Dinosaurs, Xyz summoned Number 39: Utopia, and then summoned Number C39: Utopia Ray, almost defeating Sarhan, but could not, and Sarhan winning by drawing a card on the next turn.

Most people have one in the extra, but I like having 2 for some reason.


That’s all for now, folks, see you next post!


The Briefing

So, I am a white american boy living in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am going to post about all things Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. I hope you like it!